drew Barrymore

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After the sites about traci Lords, mari Misato and chiasa Aonuma. Here is the one about the fabulous, the great, the nice drew Barrymore.

drew is a kind of special girl. first, she is american. it doesn't make her more special than the others but can maybe explain many many things. America is a fabulous country but there is something wrong in this country, something unfair. Because of the word "freedom", because of the word "independence", because of the expression "P.C."... something is going bad. There, people should be less touchy and more warmly... I am sure things will be better for them.

Anyway, America is not the subject BUT drew is. drew is really wellknown as the little girl in ET. This little girl is so cute... when you look at her and at your own child... you ask yourself "why only on TV????". So, this little girl is really wonderful, she acted brillantly.

Today, after many good and bad experiences, drew is always wonderful. But now, she is a wonderful woman and I am going to present her in this site. Enjoy it !